High Sierras

II The Sierras have been beautiful with the snow capped mountains, rushing rivers, amazing views and challenging terrain. But I am ready to move on. This has been the toughest section yet. I’ve dealt with nutrition issues, exhaustion and now a sprained ankle. Yea that happened.

Last Friday 3 miles from camp we had to ford a river. The PCT is always throwing some obstacle in your way. Fording rivers is NOT something I like to do. So instead of wading through thigh deep water I tried to cross on a log. Bad idea. I slipped stepping onto it, and fell thank god not in the river. The pain was awful but I still had to cross and now I was scared. Yep and crying.

But hikers help each other and the guy crossing before me came back took my pack across, then talked me across, holding my hand as I flung myself from the log to a rock then the other side. The hiking community is made up of some special people. Without his help I might still be there balling.

I limped on to camp hoping this was not trip ending injury. Laying in my tent that night I decided it wouldn’t be. Heck we were 2 days into 7 day stretch, only one way out, I would have to hike 33 miles just to get to a road. ( being air lifted out just didn’t seem right for a sprain) A retired hiking doctor taped my ankle. So yea I limped for 3 days, even over Sonora pass to the road, even bushwhacked my way across the valley off trail. After an hour of hitching I finally got a ride from a super nice dude into Bridgeport.

Headed to S Tahoe to rest my ankle then back on trail! I’m going to Canada…only 1644 miles to go…..


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