Hot Springing it to Erwin, TN

Hiked through an area that was recently closed due to fire. It’s like a sad walk through a camp fire.


The weather turned colder as the day continued. By the time I got near the shelter, camp sites were few and rain had begun. Thanks to my tent and my super sleeping bag I was dry and warm all night. But the morning pack up was, well so cold. Once I started hiking I was warm, but I didn’t dare stop for long.

This was the just the beginning of multiple chilly days. Glad I had stove for some morning tea.

On my second cold day out it started snowing just after this sign:


I took the exposed ridge route even though with the fog and snow there would be no view. But came upon something else on that ridge. Just at the top of the rock scramble I met up with Daddy Long Leggs. He asked if I’d snap his pic with this pair of boots. Wait! What? It was the boots I had heard about Paul’s boots.


What a great community to be apart of! That sure did make my chilly day!


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