People who need people

So the trail is nothing if not about all the people. I’ve met people from around the world…a lot of Germans and Canadians. But certainly a bunch from right here in America. I’ve been trying to take more people pictures (when I remember). Less views, more people as it really is the people you remember most.

I’ve hiked the last week with a married couple from Florida Two Peas, they’ve been on trail since February 14th! They are really nice. That’s a lot of love to be able to spend that much quality time together.


Then I’ve lately hiked with Tink and her friend Marilyn (she’s just out for couple of days with Tink who is flip/floppin like me). Great ladies from St. Louis. Tink can really keep a good 3 mph pace…even up hill. I love it…it really challenges me to hike faster & better.


Met a lot of SoBo (southbound) section hikers to today. One guy trail name 44, hiking Connecticut to West Virginia, told us a lot about this sections history. And a nice couple (I forgot their names) that tipped us off to warm showers and free camping at the State Park. So after 5 days I got a shower!! Man what difference a shower makes. Now if only my clothes dry by morning! Yea, trail life.
Can’t forget Topknot, from Austin, I was hiking with him for a bit. But he got off trail to see Ke$ha in Philly! He’s so awesome he got a selfie with her! He’s a fan! Now there’s a side trip!

Who will I meet next on the way to Kathadin!??!


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