Embracing the Brutality- New Mexico

So we left Silver City (did you know Billy the Kid was jailed in Silver City? Geronimo ran in this area too!!) It’s like being in a Western out here! The pine trees smell so good, not like Pinesol or a Yankee candle pine….real pine.

The terrain keeps changing, rolling hills, deep canyons (we did not know that was coming). You can mountain bike these trails, we met a nice couple out for the day.
We had real steep climb Sunday, twice! What a day. We are hiking the Gila alternate route to a place called Doc Campbell’s. After the climb we came all the way down, slowly on loose rock. Finally ended up at the Gila river. Now I was a bit concerned about crossing this river. As reports had put the water depth at chest deep in some areas. FYI, I DO NOT, like river crossings. Just to keep things interesting we had to cross multiple times! Man I had to break out my other trekking pole the current was strong. At one point both Kelsey and I are both standing in waist deep water trying to figure out which way to go! Too funny.

Suffice it to say we didn’t get washed away. Finally found a camp, my shoes are soaked. But wait we have cross that river AGAIN! We were in the river from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. I basically hiked a canoe trip. This is the Gila Alternate Route, only cairns, no CDT signs. We hiked up stream on the banks, when there was no bank we crossed to where there was.

I was wet, hot, and beat after only 14 miles. But boy was it fun! I’m better at crossing rivers. I kinda liked finding our own way. Then we camped at the hot springs…..and Baby goats!!


Heading out on a 7 day leg next, longest yet. Still haven’t decided which route to take -The High Route or Low One (probably high route I’m over the river right now).

Happy trails!!


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