About Little Ol’ Me

My name is Elsye, people call me chardonnay. chardonnay is a name I picked up back when I was a road biking fool in Iowa, good times. It’s also my burner name so it might as well be my trail name. Trail name? Yes, in 2015 I completed a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail! I was fun, tough and I did a bunch of things I never thought I would ever do. I completed 1200 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 2016!(Back to finish that up later!) Just  Continental Divide Trail in 2017.

Basically I’m a Midwest girl living on the west coast. Grew up in Michigan, lived in Iowa for long time, and a couple of years in the Colorado Mountains. About 3 years ago I got a wild hair and moved to California. Between you and me I was over the winters. San Diego has great weather and its crazy different so right up my alley.
I’m a simple girl; I like things uncomplicated and drama free.
I love to try things, ALL The Things, risky, weird, different things. Things I shouldn’t try but do. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes not. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
As the saying goes I owe it to myself at least to try.
I like meeting people, hearing their stories.
I love wine, not just Chardonnay, throw in cheese/crackers and I’m good. (Its a real treat on the trail!)
I love hanging out with friends and laughing with family.
I like music and love Pearl Jam.
I’m a whole lot of crazy; I admit that, its part of what makes me awesomely interesting.
I’ve been described as a social butterfly yet quiet, really I just like to listen (it’s a lost art).  You’d be amazed what you hear when you stop talking. 
My passion, well, it changes regularly. I enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, camping, dancing, reading, traveling, cooking, old movies and a host of other things it just depends on my mood.
There are some things I don’t like, but I try not to think about them or avoid them like the plague. So that’s a little about me, I can’t tell you everything it would kill the mystery.  Follow me on this journey of self discovery that could become an embarrassing disaster of epic proportions or not.

PCT Thru Hike – Going into Oregon!


14 thoughts on “About Little Ol’ Me

  1. Stumbled onto your site from the PCTA site somehow?? I am not a tecki! Great reading about your hike.
    I am planning on doing the PCT 2017 after I retire. Checking web sites for inspiration and ideas and suggestions. Some questions though. Did you carry enough water each day. How was getting resupplied with water, work? Did you get packages sent to you the whole trip or buy along the way.
    Fantastic reading your posts,you are awesome Elsye.

    • Hi Stephen thanks for checking out my blog. I carried just enough to get me between water sources. Water is, well, heavy. I used Halfmiles maps that notes water sources along the trail. Also I used the downloadable water report (http://pctwater.com/) Sometimes there are water caches left by trail angels but DO NOT depend on that. Most water sources need to be treated, I used a Sawyer Mini water filter it worked great. I only had 5 resupply packages mailed. I found it easier to buy in town than try and coordinate mail drops. If the mail get’s “lost” or the post office is closed when you arrive that’s just a downer. Buying along the way allowed me to have a variety! That being said a package from home is a real spirit lifter! Happy hiking!

      • Good morning! Sat. 8:35am elsyew, thank you for your reply. Hope your next adventure is coming along well. Your headed for the “Triple crown” good for you!!! Question. You bought food items along the way,on the PCT, in between the off trail towns and long distances in between stops and few packages. What were you normally carrying and buying for food that did not require a stove, but yet sustained your calorie requirement on a day to day basis?
        I hope you have a new great adventure on the AT, this year. My wife went with me yesterday to REI to buy boots for her. She wants to go with me on some of my practice hikes for my upcoming PCT trip in 2017. thanks for all your good info!

      • Well hello!! That’s awesome that you and your wife are going get some hiking in together! It’s always nice to have some company and I really like having more women getting out there!!

        As far as food, well I’ll be honest I had a hard time meeting my calorie needs, especially through the Sierra’s. Took me awhile to figure out I need WAY more food. But mostly I did a lot of cold soak things like Idahoan Potato and Ramen noodles. Mostly though I stuck to things like cheese (last for quite a while), salami, peanut butter and nutella on tortillas, crackers (Triskets!) and tuna packs. I tried to do pop tarts but they get crush, so then it was tons of any kinda protein bars I find.Beyond that is was total junk food snickers, chips, beef jerky, and mmmm Cheeze-Its. Oh and sometimes I would get those whole roasted chickens (pull all the meat off and throw it in a zip lock) maybe even a avocado! Boy was I missing veggies by the time I got back! Hope that helps! Good Luck and have fun getting ready for the trail….part of the journey is the prep!

  2. Never could get use to riding a road bike, but mountain biking is a different story. I got to ride from Vancouver BC to Tijuana Mexican back in 1998 which was the pinnacle of my distance adventures. You have definitely outdone me, and thanks for sharing your wonderful excursions with us. It is both wonderful and captivating, and I hope someday I can sit across from you and hear them first hand😁🍷

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments. We thoroughly enjoyed being with you and Kelsie. I have so much admiration for you and your adventurous spirit!
    Hope the rest of your hike goes well!

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